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Seminar "Family business disputes: Salient features, causes, resolution and prevention"


Alexander Dovles was the sole speaker at the seminar “Family business disputes: Salient features, causes, resolution and prevention” held by Nomiki Vivliothiki, on November 2nd & 4th, 2020.

Family businesses make up more than 80% of all companies in Greece and they therefore play a significant role in the Greek economy. Family businesses range from sole proprietors to large international enterprises and they account for 44% of all listed companies in the Athens Stock Exchange. Regardless of their legal form (societe anonyme, limited liability company, partnership etc), all family businesses have common features and common problems.  The seminar examines: (a) the inherent weaknesses of family businesses, such as succession,  which very often lead to their demise, (b) special problems of corporate, family and inheritance law with regard to family business dispute resolution and (c) legal methods and practices which can eliminate or mitigate the risk of litigation in the family business.